Double Me, children, Africa, teachingDoubleMe is all about sharing in order to help other people. We take teachers and physiotherapists out to East Africa to train and equip local schools – so that they can have a bigger impact on their children.


What we do

We understand the pressure of having busy lives and want to create opportunities for regular 2-week trips to known partners. We like to develop ongoing partnerships where both parties will learn and be inspired. Creating a better educational experience is at the heart of what we do, training and equipping in order to affect and change children’s lives. Our hope is that this will enable them to climb out of poverty – and in turn generate change for the next generation


How we do it

We partner with local organisations who know their communities well. We don’t have all the answers and would never presume that ‘West is best’. We work closely with partners who have identified different needs in their school community: physical, educational, emotional and spiritual. Wherever the need is, we will link our partners with people who have expertise in that area. This will be in the form of training teachers and working with parents who have children with special needs this year, with a scope to expand as our relationships develop.


Who we are

Ruth is a secondary school teacher in East Grinstead who has been teaching English, Media and Global Citizenship for many years. On a trip to Zambia in 2006, Ruth realised that spending time coaching and training teachers who haven’t had access to teacher training could well have an incredible impact on many children and their future. Ruth has been to Africa many times with one of her favourite trips being a youth trip to Uganda in 2010. Unlocking potential is something Ruth cares deeply about and if you spend any time with her, she may well persuade you to board a plane to Uganda in the next year! Ruth is excited about how the story of Double Me is going to unfold.

Where we work

We currently work in Uganda, with plans to expand in East Africa as relationships develop with new partners.


Who we work with

We work with local organisations in Uganda to reach the poorest and the keenest schools and teachers. We partner with local government and the British Council.


How you can get involved

Come on a trip! We’d love you to come with us! It can be a one-off, or it can be deeper, engaging with the people you have met, sharing resources and email contact throughout the year. If you have any questions, get in touch

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