Each time that we visit our teaching colleagues in Uganda, we like to buy resources to help support their teaching and their children's learning. In the […]
May 29, 2018 /

Summer Team 2018

Here's the fantastic group of volunteers that are making up our Summer Team 2018! We all met together for the first time in May to plan […]
May 28, 2018 /

Flying February Visit

Ruth E paid a flying visit to Kampala, Uganda during the February half-term. Ruth takes up the story… Busy, sweaty (37 degrees! And hot swollen feet […]
Mar 3, 2018 /

So, what could you do with your summer?

The premise of Double Me is simple: matching your skills with the needs of others. This has been brought into sharp focus following my visit […]
Aug 21, 2017 /

DoubleMe - Why Bother?

As I write, James and I are packing and preparing to leave the Uganda School for the Deaf, our hosts and home for the last […]
Aug 12, 2017 /

Summer Visit July 2017

This Summer, Ruth Everingham and James Hancock are visiting Kampala, Uganda. They'll be visiting schools and finding out about the training needs of local teachers. […]
Jun 24, 2017 /

Walk a Week

I visited Uganda with the DoubleMe team in 2014 to train and work alongside teachers in Kampala and Tororo. Although we were only there for just over two […]
May 2, 2016 /

This and That

I’ve been back in the country for two months now and what a two months it’s been! I’ve made some big decisions. In a nutshell, […]
Oct 26, 2014 /

Mind the Gap

Over the Summer, eleven of us, ten teachers and one health visitor headed to Uganda for a few weeks. People do that kind of thing […]
Oct 26, 2014 /

DoubleMe needs YOU!

Lots has happened in the past year and I thought it was high time I let you in on what’s been going on. This year […]
Sep 21, 2014 /

Riches and Poverty

Uganda: Rich in flowers and fruits, fields of rice and tea on green slopes, sweet with sugar cane, bananas and pineapple Rich in fertile red soil and […]
Sep 8, 2014 /

Our Journey in Early Years

We were welcomed by a class of beautiful children aged 3-5 years old and were able to observe a typical morning in the nursery. As […]
Aug 8, 2014 /

Sarah's Highlights

*The wonderful, welcoming and gorgeous children and staff here at Wellspring who have been incredibly hospitable. *Visiting my friend Emily at ‘Eqisa Ministries’ in Jinja; […]
Jul 30, 2014 /

First Impressions

First day in Kampala so full of sights That flicker on in my eyes though I’ve turned out the lights Saw smiling business men, sat in orange […]
Jul 26, 2014 /

Hopes and Fears

Diarrhoea. That is my greatest anxiety about my upcoming trip to Uganda. I’m not worried about flying, when my visa will ever arrive or even how […]
Jul 1, 2014 /
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