*The wonderful, welcoming and gorgeous children and staff here at Wellspring who have been incredibly hospitable.

*Visiting my friend Emily at ‘Eqisa Ministries’ in Jinja; her AMAZING orphanage for children with special needs. She is a real inspiration and beautiful woman of God!

*Watching the sunset over the source of the Nile.

*Being pooed on by a bat. What are the chances??!!

*Asking in a bookstore for the book “An Inspector Calls” and being taken to an opticians! (He thought we said spectacles!)

*Sharing a seat on a matutu for an hour and a half and losing feeling in the right-hand side of my body. (There was also a chicken at our feet).

I have not laughed so much for years! Having a brilliant time. God is really with us and I am excited about the experiences yet to come!!

Sarah xx

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