We spent some time researching the needs of teachers in Kampala and delivered a bespoke conference with over 30 teachers in attendance. We had teachers from across the education spectrum and UK teachers engaged and trained according to their specialisms. We had a great time at the conference and visiting schools but there’s so much more ground to cover!

We’re developing strong relationships with key government schools and working with the Director of Education for the district, we plan on enabling Ugandan teachers to make a huge impact in their schools. Training is often poor, as are working conditions. We give local teachers the skills and training they need to move on learning in their classroom and are excited about what the future holds.

The conference had a ‘leadership’ stream too, where a small team of UK education leaders (and a banker) worked with leaders on strategy, team-building and managing finances.

Who we need: If you are a¬†teacher, education specialist, work with children with special needs, work in finance, business or leadership we’d love to hear from you!

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