Here’s the fantastic group of volunteers that are making up our Summer Team 2018!

We all met together for the first time in May to plan and prepare for our teaching conferences that are to be held in Kampala and for the very first time, Entebbe.

We have a mixture of primary and secondary teachers, mainstream and specialist teachers of the deaf and senior leaders ready to support our Ugandan colleagues in just a little under 2 months time.

As well as leading a number of different seminars over the two conferences, such as phonics, managing staff, budgeting and finance, understanding how children learn and supporting deaf children in schools, we are looking to buy resources to help equip and support teachers and children in our hub schools. If you would like to contribute to this, in whatever way you can, then please visit our joint fundraising page:

And keep up to date with all our preparations and as we are on our trip on our Facebook page

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