The school has around 200 students aged from nursery through to primary. Most children are deaf and live on-site in dorms with house-mothers. There are lots of members of staff, all of whom have training and experience with deaf children. Some children are on the autistic spectrum, and many have low self-esteem. We’ll be working on building confidence not only with the children but alongside the adults who care for and love them each day. Something that’s important to this school is developing their SEN understanding so we’d love for specialists with some expertise and training to come and work with the teachers to develop the good work that’s already going on.

Ruth and Rachael had a blast this year working alongside some super-keen teachers and we’re looking forward to see how their work is developing.

Who we need: We need people with an abundance of compassion and of experience working with children who are deaf and have special needs, and who can work alongside the teachers to develop an accessible and exciting curriculum. Any people working in therapy would also be most welcome for this trip.

You can also sponsor a child at this school for £30 per month. Please get in touch if you’d like to do that.

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