I’ve been reading a little bit of “Bounce” by Matthew Syed. It’s an interesting thought that talent in itself is not enough. I think I used to be in awe of and maybe intimidated by people who just seem to have what it takes. You know, those people who are amazing at X, Y and/or Z. I’m starting to lean towards the power of practice being key, maybe even more so than talent when it comes to bringing about excellence.

Andy Croft was really challenging a while back when talking about the parable of the talents, asking us to reflect on what God has put in our hands right now, our talents being what we are entrusted with rather than being what wonderful gifts we have personally. This was a challenge for me as I realised the power of the present is just as important as the power of planning. Since then, I’ve been trying to engage more with the talents I’ve been given… the people, the places, rather than living with one foot in the future. My dear friend Katie used to often tell me that our biggest strength is also often our biggest weakness and I think she’s on to something.

I love planning for the future. I love thinking up adventures. I adore musing on the possible and seemingly impossible. It makes my heart beat faster. I must also remember to live in the present, with the people and places I’m with and in now!

I’m daunted by the prospect of starting out with “Double Me” now. I’m feeling a little like I’m not the person who has X, Y or Z right now, but leaning more on developing my skills and practice through experience. I’ve got the idea, which is the talent right now, the practice is making it happen.  I am reading about the guy who set up the TOMS shoe company and was bowled over by how incredible his story is. He’s living proof that there’s truth in that he is just an ordinary guy who is doing the best with the talents he has in his hands now.

Surely the message of Jesus isn’t that some people are mega-talented and the rest of us are just waving helplessly on the sidelines. I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it (I love cheering others from the sidelines too, don’t get me wrong). I’m learning that it’s more about running the race when you feel like you’ve broken your toe (or knee), and carrying on with what you have. Looking to Him for the next steps and enjoying the people cheering us on along the way.

I might not be the most talented.

But I’m learning I have talents and I think I’m about to use them.

What are yours? Who or what has been entrusted to your care? What’s your response to who’s in your care? What are your next steps on the journey?

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