Primary children There are lots of opportunities for primary teachers to visit partner projects and make a real difference. The primary school is often central to the community, so you’ll have a chance to get involved in sharing your expertise but also branch out into some community work, such as Adult Literacy classes.

Several of the primary schools we partner with are in their infancy themselves, setting up from scratch in rural and urban locations. There are many ways you could support and link through your teacher partnership, sharing ideas, training, resourcing and maybe even the odd Skype call.

Training for primary teachers is rich in theory and experience here in the UK and it would be great to share some of that coupled with an area of expertise to work on developing together. The teachers are hungry to learn and in return there are many opportunities to link with your school or church group to keep the relationship alive. Giving up your time and expertise will indeed be priceless, for you both.

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