Our Journey in Early Years

We were welcomed by a class of beautiful children aged 3-5 years old and were able to observe a typical morning in the nursery. As […]
Aug 8, 2014 /

Sarah's Highlights

*The wonderful, welcoming and gorgeous children and staff here at Wellspring who have been incredibly hospitable. *Visiting my friend Emily at ‘Eqisa Ministries’ in Jinja; […]
Jul 30, 2014 /

First Impressions

First day in Kampala so full of sights That flicker on in my eyes though I’ve turned out the lights Saw smiling business men, sat in orange […]
Jul 26, 2014 /

Hopes and Fears

Diarrhoea. That is my greatest anxiety about my upcoming trip to Uganda. I’m not worried about flying, when my visa will ever arrive or even how […]
Jul 1, 2014 /

Lovely Elevens

It's that time of year again. The sun comes out, the shades go on. The exam timetable is published and students start counting down days, […]
May 25, 2014 /

Veronica's Medicine

  We were all packed up and ready to leave for Kamwenge and Geoff and I decided to brave the journey even though we weren't feeling […]
Jan 2, 2014 /

Releasing potential

It was a few months ago now that I had my laptop stolen from school. As you can imagine, I was gutted (for three reasons). […]
Dec 10, 2013 /

Road to Kamwenge

A few years ago, I went with a couple of friends and a bunch of teenagers (who have become friends), to Uganda. Their parents placed […]
Nov 18, 2013 /


I’ve got a friend I want to tell you about. We too often hold back in telling how great people are until it’s too late. […]
Nov 17, 2013 /


I'm not very good at lighting fires. I found this out when I purchased a chiminea and tried my hand at fire-starting. Thankfully I had […]
Aug 25, 2013 /

Risky Reflections

I’ve had my last lessons with my current classes. As you know, I’m leaving my current school, so I’m not going to see those students […]
Jul 22, 2013 /

Running the race

Yesterday was sports day at school. I was dreading it but it was a rather fun day all in all. The sun shone, an ice-cream […]
Jul 17, 2013 /

Accompanying & Approaching

Today’s been a funny day. I like to think I’ll try to glean something good from every day and today I got a double-dose! I […]
Jul 3, 2013 /

Public Displays of Affection

I’ve decided to take a few big steps recently. It’s ironic, as it all started with a fall, which in many ways felt and seemed […]
Jul 3, 2013 /

Low and Slow: Classroom Style

So, since hearing Heidi Baker speak on living 'low and slow', I've tried to remember this at key points in my day. She spoke really […]
Jul 3, 2013 /
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